Who uses an adult day center?

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Cambridge of Branson is an adult day center: we provide a safe, cheerful place for adults of all ages to come and spend the day with other adults. Some of our friends stop by for a couple of hours, and some come to stay with us everyday. We provide a variety of services so family and caregivers can feel good about calling on us. Here are some of the ways an adult day center could help you.

We Help You Escape a 'Shrinking' World.

If you're spending your day going from your bed, to the kitchen, to the TV, only to repeat the process the next day, your world could be feeling pretty small. When you spend the day with us at Cambridge, you'll enjoy companionship with other adults, along with activities, exercise and trips to shows and Walmart. If you don't drive, no worries: we'll pick you up and take you back home.

We Provide a Break for Caregivers.

Caregiving can be such a joy! Sometimes, however, you need a break to go to your own appointments, go shopping, or just visit with friends. We can care for your loved one while you take some time for yourself, whether it's just an hour, or all day. And you can relax, knowing your loved one has nutritious meals and great companionship in a safe atmosphere.

We Help Adults Stay Independent.

At Cambridge, we can assist with movement, medications and nutrition, along with specialized care for patients with Alzheimer's and dementia, autism, Down's Syndrome, and many chronic physical conditions. We also cure loneliness by providing a fun and safe place to meet friends.

Is Cambridge of Branson right for you?

The best way to tell if Cambridge Adult Day Center of Branson is right for you, is to come spend a day with us for FREE! Just give us a call at 417-339-4232 today to reserve your spot!

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