Getting 'Jazzie' at Cambridge!

Hi! My name is Jazzie, and I'm the therapy puppy in-training at Cambridge. My mom - Cherie - is the Program Director, and she says I have one job: make everyone here smile. You would think that would be an easy job, but my friends are so busy at Cambridge with all the activities, sometimes they don't see me!

My favorite time is in the morning when everyone is getting here, drinking coffee and socializing. That's when I get the most loves and pets! Pam always greets me at the door, and boy, do I get excited to see her and give her lots of kisses! When Carol gets here, I know that I can only give her one little kiss on the nose...that's what she likes.

I'm also excited because I have a new four-legged friend at Cambridge. Her name is Hope, and she's a service dog for my friend Teri. Hope is teaching me how to do my job better...and we get to share lots of treats during the day.

One of my friends, Wilbo, is afraid of dogs, but guess what? He is petting me and Hope every day. I think he likes us!

After my friends have a nutritious breakfast, then it's exercise time. Everyone sits in chairs in a circle and move around. Sometimes we even dance. I like it when our Activities Coordinator, Jessica, gets the machine out that makes bubbles. Boy are those fun to chase! Jessica calls it exercise...I call it fun.

After exercise, everyone gets busy playing cards or dice, putting puzzles together, playing on the computers, coloring, crafts - there is always something to do - so that's when I take my nap. I wake up just in time for our cook Christy's lunch. She is a good cook! We also have Shawn, who is our nurse at Cambridge. She takes really good care of all my friends.

In the afternoon, lots of my friends like to relax to a movie in the theater room. There I will find a nice, warm lap and take another nap. These people wear me out, they are so busy!

I have lots more to tell you about my Cambridge friends, so stay tuned!

Hope to see you soon - Jazzie

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