Start a new family tradition during the holidays!

How does your family celebrate the holidays - Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa & New Years?


Everyone has a favorite college or professional team. Pick sides and enjoy a friendly rivalry!

Santa Claus and giving gifts

Some families draw names, some insist on handmade gifts only, but all enjoy surprising friends and family with that special something. Families with young children can begin their own special Santa traditions. For example, some families leave a cookies and milk snack for Santa, but in others that snack might be sweet tea and a Moon Pie!


More than 40 million Americans watch at least one televised parade sometime between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Great food

Is it turkey and all the trimmings, or does your family go for ham, lamb or prime rib?

Worship services

Maybe for your family it's Communion on Thanksgiving, Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, reading the Torah, or First Night. Worship services are a great way to pull the family together to explore the greater meaning of the holidays.

Start a new tradition with family stories!

Share stories that are funny, interesting, or just important to your family and it’s identity. Stories which give context to your shared family values are also important to keep alive. These could include stories like:

  • Challenges that your family has faced (and overcome) together

  • Circumstances under which children were born (at home on a farm, or snowy, stormy, nights)

  • Family memories (fishing, making bread, playing music etc.)

  • Family members who are missed (whether these are family members who live in another country or who have passed away, it’s important to share memories of them so they are not forgotten)

  • Family members you are proud of (a great aunt who was active in the civil rights movement, a parent who came to America to build a better life for the family, an uncle who went to war)

  • How couples in the family met

  • Reasons your family has moved

  • Successes that your family has enjoyed together

  • Where great grandparents, grandparents or parents grew up

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