Hope the Service Dog Talks About Her Days at Cambridge

Hi, my name is Hope and I’m a service dog who gets to go to Cambridge with my mom, Teri. Everyday, my mom looks forward to going to Cambridge, so she can see all her new friends.

When I arrive at Cambridge every morning, I'm greeted by my bestie, Jazzie the Cambridge Therapy Dog. And my mom is greeted by all her friends. Next, Christy, our cook, brings Mom her coffee. Boy, it must be good coffee, because Mom tells Christy she loves her. Then my mom plays games with all her friends, and earns points which is so cool because she gets prizes and it makes her smile. Next, we eat breakfast, and it must be good because she doesn’t share with me. After breakfast we get to exercise - now that’s fun! We get to pop bubbles! After exercise, Mom plays games while I lay around and wait for Cherie to give me and Jazzie a treat. Then, we have lunch, which must be as yummy as breakfast, because Mom won't share that either! What's a puppy to do?

After lunch, we like to play Wii Bowling. That really gets all these nice people laughing and enjoying their time at Cambridge. Sometimes Mom and I take the bus to Cambridge. Don is the driver and he is nice. Cambridge has helped my mom not be sad all the time which makes me happy. Come in and visit us anytime and you will see how much fun we have.


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