MISSION: Infiltrate Cambridge Adult Day Center. A report from Agent X

Agent X and Jazzie at Cambridge Adult Day Center

Dear Commrades;

I have infiltrated the Cambridge Adult Day Center as my orders directed. I know my mission was to discover the many secrets that lead to the successful operation of the facility. I have been here many weeks now and am making this my final report to the head of operations.

Reasons or steps of their success are as follows.

1: The attitude toward of the staff toward the clients is one of warmth and love. The staff takes the time to care and deal with the individual issues of each of the clients as they arise. The staff is very knowledgable and helpful, with true caring hearts.

2: The meals which they provide are very tasty as well as nutritious. There is always plenty and they make sure the clients are well fed.

3: The facility has the cutest service animals and Jazzie is cute.

4: All those who come to the facility are friendly, warm, and very caring. They are all very nice people and it is a joy to spend time with them.

5: Finally, I will note that I think that it is the combination of personnel, both staff and client that gives this facility such a high rate of operational success. Duplicating the operation which they have in place here would be impossible, so for that reason I have decided to defect and make Cambridge my new best friend. If any of you doubt my choice please feel free to visit, but be warned you may not want to leave.


Agent X.

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