Spring has sprung...finally!

Spring has been a tease this year in the Ozarks! Tantalizing warmth and sunshine one day, and cold rain or snow the next. Now, maybe we've turned a corner into real springtime weather...and that means it's time to get outside! If you've spent the last few months cooped-up indoors, there's nothing like getting out in the fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, and soaking up a little Vitamin D for good health!

Fun springtime activities can also help improve cognitive function and happiness. Even if mobility is a problem for you, choose excursions that are wheelchair or handicapped accessible. Do any of these ideas sound like fun to do as a group?

Here are a few great springtime ideas...

1. Choose a local park, nature trail or even a mall for walks.

It doesn't have to be a long or vigorous walk (unless you're up for that). Just get outdoors and move! At Cambridge, we take regular walks around our area.

2. Eat outdoors at a fancy restaurant.

Good company, food and a fancy ambiance are all a recipe for success. Satisfy your palate and take time for some quality bonding.

3. Enjoy tourist attractions.

How long has it been since you've gone to Silver Dollar City or the Promised Land Zoo? Or why not grab a ride on a Duck. Be a tourist for a day for your own mini-vacation.

4. Go fishing.

Fishing areas are plentiful in our area. If mobility is an issue, utilize a dock and go drown some worms! We even have a fishing trip coming up soon at Cambridge!

5. Go on a picnic.

Pack a delicious lunch with a comfortable blanket and enjoy the outdoors, picnic style. You can bring binoculars for bird watching, books to read, or cards for some outdoor game-fun.

6. Go see a show.

Here at Cambridge, we LOVE to go see the great shows in our neighborhood, and since it's the beginning of the season, many theatres are offering area appreciation. They'd love to have you in their seats, and you'll enjoy entertainment that will give you something to talk about for days afterward.

7. Invest in a bird feeder for bird watching.

Birds provide beautiful visuals and entertainment, and springtime bird chirping signals the opportune time to invest in a feeder. Whether blue jays or hummingbirds, bird feeders attract nature to your yard. You could even try your hand at building your own!

8. Partake in spring cleaning.

When there’s light outside coming in through the windows, clutter and dust are suddenly visible. It’s always healthy to do a little spring cleaning to create a comfortable ambiance. You might even want to put up a spring wreath and other fresh decorations.

9. Plant an herb garden.

To go along with healthy eating, a modest herb garden provides not only gardening fun, but also healthy and tasty ingredients for your favorite dishes. And you don't have to have a large plot of ground to plant herbs; a few pots on your window sill will do just fine.

10. Visit a farmers market.

There’s nothing like fresh fruits, vegetables and local arts and crafts to inspire. Getting out into the fresh air with others, including pets, is beneficial for everyone.

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