Six ways Cambridge Adult Day Center can help with healthy aging

September is National Healthy Aging Month, and that reminds us that healthy aging isn't just for those who are 65 and older. We're all aging! What we do about it now helps us as we get older.

Cambridge Adult Day Center is there to help you, a loved one or a friend stay as healthy as possible as the years roll by. Here are six ways to stay healthy and happy as you age:

Stay Active!

Living an active life - including regular exercise - helps you to maintain your independence, and can even provide relief from arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and depression. But that doesn't mean you must join a gym. Here at Cambridge, we incorporate exercise into our daily activities, including group walks, dancing, chair exercising and much more.

Maintain Relationships!

Adults who live alone are prone to social isolation and loneliness. At Cambridge, we provide an outlet for community and friendships five days a week. We share activities, meals, and field trips, stimulating a sense of belonging and caring.

Maintain Your Brain!

Cognitive decline is a normal part of aging. However, studies show that including cognitive stimulation - making your brain work - slows that decline. Table games, puzzles, round-table discussions, and evening coloring help participants at Cambridge keep the brain stimulated. Some of our participants with special needs have even become more verbal and independent because of routine stimulation.

Enjoy a Healthy Diet!

It's easy to get into bad habits where diet is concerned. The majority of adults in our country eat more than double the recommended daily allowance of sodium, and fast-food and pre-packaged convenience foods are generally to blame. That can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Cambridge Adult Day Center has been awarded a grant from the USDA to provide two healthy and delicious meals and a snack daily to our participants. The USDA has exacting guidelines for our meals, making sure we provide fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Make Community Connections!

Older adults who engage in meaningful community activities like volunteer work report feeling healthier and less depressed. Join a planning committee, volunteer, take a trip with friends, play cards at your local senior center, or join a book club. Remember that participating in activities should be fun, not stressful!

Practice Prevention!

Many illnesses, falls, and depression are preventable. In addition to improving your diet, relationships and activity, get a yearly flu vaccine and wash your hands. To prevent falls, check for safety around your home, and war appropriate footwear. Exercise will also help with balance and strength.

At Cambridge Adult Day Center, we're ready to help you or a loved one maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle at every age. Just give us a call to find out how: (417) 339-4232.

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