Why adults with Down Syndrome need a place to belong

Individuals with Down Syndrome are as diverse as any other people but very often they seem to be acutely aware of and sensitive to their immediate social environment. Most are quite skilled at reading social cues, especially at picking up the feelings and emotions of others. Because of this, people with Down Syndrome have a reputation for having excellent social skills. Many people with Down Syndrome are friendly and social beings who relate well to others, are often empathic and responsive to the feelings and emotions of others. They often have been described by family members and caregivers as wanting to please others. This may be due in part to a desire to promote a positive emotional atmosphere but also due to a genuine sense of affection and caring for other people.

Having good social skills and social sensitivity serves people with Down Syndrome well in many areas of their lives. This may help them to make and maintain positive relationships in all key areas: with family at home, with friends in social and recreation settings, with students and teachers in school and educational settings, and with bosses and fellow employees in vocational settings.

As social and empathetic as people with Down Syndrome generally are, opportunities for social engagement tend to decline as they become adults and are no longer within the structured environment of a school. It is good to keep structure and a routine in place, especially during times of transition such as into young adulthood and independent living. An adult day center – like Cambridge Adult Day Center - where a young adult with Down Syndrome can meet new friends and be involved in activities on a routine basis has many benefits and is a good foundation for a high quality of life.

Meet Matt and his mom, Joanie. At age 50, Matt is finding a place to belong at Cambridge Adult Day Center.

Tomorrow, our blog post will discuss the benefits of social and physical activity in adults with Down Syndrome.

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