Why safety could be an issue for differently-abled loved one

Why should safety be an issue for your differently-abled loved one, especially when at home? Whether your loved one lives alone or with you, there are many reasons why safety for your loved one can be a cause for concern for them, and a major source of anxiety for you.

People with Dementia may experience symptoms such as confusion, memory loss and disorientation  A person may lose their sense of time and place, and they may forget how to perform everyday activities. Even without dementia, as we age there is a weakening of the senses (such as hearing, depth perception, temperature sensitivity, and vision), trouble with balance, limited mobility and coordination, all affecting safety.

Developmental disabilities can cause difficulties in language, mobility, learning, self-help, and independent living.

Beyond the risk of physical injury, impaired judgement and reasoning can make a person more likely to fall victim to scams or abuse.

Handling medications is another example of the potential safety risks associated with Dementia and developmental disabilities. Your loved one may forget to take their medication, or they may forget that they’ve already taken it and take it again, both of which can pose serious health consequences.

Given the many possible safety risks it’s easy for caregivers and other loved ones to feel overwhelmed. Cambridge Adult Day Center is proud to provide a safe, secure environment in which your loved one can spend the day, or part of the day, giving you a much needed respite, and peace of mind. 

Taking regular breaks from the demands of caregiving can reduce your stress levels and help you to avoid burnout. Being able to recharge your batteries can leave you feeling more energetic, focused, and reinvigorated about your caregiving role. Cambridge Adult Day Center can enable you to continue working, attend school, or devote more time to other family members. It can give you peace of mind that your loved one isn’t home alone but is in a supervised and safe environment.

Tomorrow, find out how Cambridge Adult Day Center can help you and your loved one, when safety is an issue.

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